Human Resources

The Human Resources Department (HR) aims to give members a great overall Celadon experience while providing opportunities of growth. They ensure that the members feel welcome, that Celadon is a home they can always go to. It empowers members and provide avenues where they can unleash their potentials as leaders.


First GA

The First GA occurs for two days, to welcome all the members of the organization, its projects, and its culture. It highlights the projects instead of the departments to encourage the members to participate and develop a love for Celadon.

Tambay Week

The Tambay Week is a week-long event for the members to bond. The goal of the Tambay Week is to ensure that the members go to the event to bond with the people of the organization and for the attendees feel a sense of home and comfort while in the venue.

Junior Manager Program (JuMP)

JuMP is designed to form Celadon members into leaders. It has modules that will develop the participants’ skills and instill within them the will to pursue Celadon’s core advocacy. The participants will also be exposed to the different departments, Celadonean systems, and university systems.

Celadon Night Live (CNL)

Celadon Night Live is an evening event that invites all the members to eat dinner, go to a board game place, or just hang out after school hours. It was born from the informal hohols or hangout that our members would organize. The project aims to pull as much people as possible into a community within Celadon.

Leadership Development Program (LDP)

LDP is a three-day, two-night program that will mold its participants into values-oriented Celadon leaders . It also aims to strengthen the love and passion for the organization.

House Cup

The House Cup is an interdepartmental competition for managers to develop their skills and also bond with their fellow managers.

Celadon Ball

The Celadon Ball is the last Celadon project that will cap off another great year. It is a year-end party to celebrate great times together. It is also the send-off for the graduating members of the organization and the induction of the newly elected officers.

Joshua Cua

AVP for Leadership Formation

Belrica Ma

VP for Human Resources

Jannina Ong

AVP for Membership Development