Financial Affairs

The Financial Affairs Department (FIN) is all about the money. It aims to promote financial responsibility within the organization through engaging in sustainable fundraising projects.

Meet the FIN Department

Matt Yu

Matt Yu

Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs
About Matt
Ready for anything and overflowing with ideas for everything under the sun, Matt Yu is the creative force behind the Financial Affairs Department. He’ is quite observant and constantly looks for ways to improve things around him. Energetic, with a heart of gold and a quiet charisma that makes you feel comfortable around him, Matt will ensure no Celadonean is left behind.
Kat Chang

Kat Chang

Vice President for Financial Affairs
About Kat
Thorough and decisive, Kat Chang is a clear-minded leader who makes sure that everyone is valued and everything is cared for. Throw any challenge at her and she can handle it with grace. She can be vocal when she needs to be but is also more than happy to sit in the background and let those around her grow into their potential. With her initiative, drive, and passion, Celadon will surely reach greater heights this year.
Nadine Kwan Laurel

Nadine Kwan Laurel

Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs
About Nadine
Feisty and with a big heart, Nadine Kwan Laurel will speak her mind when the situation calls for it and leave no stone unturned. Relentless in her pursuit for excellence, Nadine gets things done, and does far beyond what is asked of her. Always armed with a big smile, she’ll be sure to welcome you into Celadon and FIN with open arms.


Celadon Merchandise

The modern Chinese-Filipino culture is a blend of many things. Look forward to clothing that makes a statement.

Date: Yearlong

Santa’s Attic Christmas Bazaar

Santa’s Attic is one of Celadon’s largest fundraisers outside of university grounds, with various concessionaires and entertainment for busy shoppers over the festive weekend.

Date: December 9-10, 2017

Celadon Rose Sale

Rose Sale celebrates the season of love, for every type of love, providing the Ateneo community the perfect gift to give for their loved ones with flowers, bouquets, and stuffed toys.

Date: February 12-14, 2018

Ember: A Summer Bazaar

Ember, one of Celadon’s largest fundraisers outside of university grounds, takes your mind off the summer heat with acoustic music, arts and crafts, and summer essentials.

Date: March 17-18, 2018

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