External Affairs

The External Affairs Department (EXT) acts as the liaison and representative of Celadon to outside organizations such as the Alliance of Filipino-Chinese Students (AFiCS), alumni, and outreach communities. We’re all about building relationships and bridging people to share in Celadon’s advocacy of culture sharing, which is made possible through our projects, partnerships, and socio-civic actions.


Celadon REACH

Celadon REACH is a yearlong effort geared towards service for people in need by raising socio-cultural responsibility, awareness and understanding through socio-civic actions. Managers for this project get to represent Celadon in coordinating with partner communities, meeting people from all walks of life, and designing outreach activities for nanays and kids!

Paragon Business Summit

Paragon is an annual business summit that invites prominent speakers to share relevant and thought-provoking ideas from their own fields and experiences in businesses.

Binondo Amazing Race (BAR)

BAR is a yearly project that aims to share the Chinese-Filipino culture to participants through a fast-paced amazing race packed with fun activities, authentic Chinese food, and a lot of running — all at the heart of Binondo.

Alumni Gathering (AG)

AG is a yearly dinner event organized for the organization’s alumni to reconnect with Celadon and their fellow alumni.

Leyah Dizon

AVP for External Affairs

Himig Marcos

VP for External Affairs

Benson Tan

AVP for External Affairs