External Affairs

The External Affairs Department (EXT) acts as the liaison and representative of Celadon to outside organizations such as the Alliance of Filipino-Chinese Students (AFiCS), alumni, and outreach communities. We’re all about building relationships and bridging people to share in Celadon’s advocacy of culture sharing, which is made possible through our projects, partnerships, and socio-civic actions.

Meet the EXT Department

Janet Tiu

Janet Tiu

Associate Vice President for External Affairs
About Janet
The Externals Affairs Department wouldn’t be complete without its strong, dedicated, and talented Associate Vice President, Janet Tiu. Being a go-getter and an excellent problem-solver, Janet makes sure she lefts no opportunities unchecked and no problems unsolved. She is ever-ready everyday to give all her heart out and serve Celadon and stand by its advocacy: Building a sense of nationhood through culture sharing.
Leyah Dizon

Leyah Dizon

Vice President for External Affairs
About Leyah
Leyah Dizon is the definition of measured professionalism. Imbued with a sense of purpose within passion, she constantly seeks to understand people and their stories, whoever they may be. As she leads the Externals Department this year, she vows to continually take the initiative to reach out to people and engage them in sharing the culture inherent in us all.
Christian Tiu

Christian Tiu

Associate Vice President for External Affairs
About Christian
Charismatic, friendly and hardworking, Christian Tiu possesses the natural qualities of a promising leader. He is a man with countless out-of-the world ideas and jokes that will never fail in brightening up your day. As the Associate Vice President for External Affairs, he has definitely put his mind and heart into the organization. He may seem “chill” with a capital C, but deep inside he is full of guts and knows how to get things done.


Responding to Encourage Action towards Care and Hope (REACH)

REACH is a socio-civic effort towards socio-cultural responsibility. Participants can meet people from various walks of life through outreach activities for the nanays and the kids!

Date: September 16, December 8, 2017 & February 24, April 14, 2018

Binondo Amazing Race (BAR)

BAR is a fast-paced amazing race packed with fun activities, authentic Chinese food, and a lot of running—all in the heart of Binondo.

Date: February 5, 2018

Paragon Business Summit

Paragon is an annual business summit where prominent speakers share relevant and thought-provoking ideas with cultural perspectives in their businesses.

Date: November 18, 2017

Rm 313, MVP-CSL, Ateneo de Manila University Location: Katipunan Ave Quezon City, Philippines Quezon City, Philippines