Cultural Affairs

The Cultural Affairs Department (CUL) is the “heart” of Ateneo Celadon, and it aims to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the Chinese-Filipino culture to both members and non-members in a relevant, significant, and relatable manner.

Mid-Autumn Festival


Teachers’ Appreciation Week (TAW)

TAW is a weeklong event wherein the students of the Atenean community express their gratitude to their teachers through the giving of tokens, messages, and other efforts. The students also get to vote for their teachers to be nominated for numerous awards.

Mid-Autumn Festival (MAF)

MAF is a three-day event where Ateneo students can witness the festive aura of the Mid-Autumn Festival through interactive booths and other modern mediums. MAF also includes a night of celebration and gathering where students can experience playing the famous dice game while enjoying good food and good company.

Ateneo Celadon Cultural Exposure (ACCE)

ACCE is a one-day event in which elementary and high school students of Chinese schools are invited to the Ateneo to attend a seminar centering on the appreciation of their Chinese-Filipino identity. This event is composed of a Chinese calligraphy and art contest, a journalism contest, talks on those crafts, and an amazing race.

Spring Film Festival (SFF)

In partnership with the Ricardo Leong Center for Chinese Studies, the SFF is a week-long event held in EDSA Shangri-La Plaza mall inviting diplomats, notable VIPs, and the public to experience the common human experiences shown in the films.

Chinese New Year Festival (CNY)

CNY will be celebrated this year with a variety of Chinese foods in Ateneo. The project will be a three-day event wherein concessionaires will be invited to the Loyola Schools to give Ateneans a taste of the modern Chinese-Filipino culture.

Peter Co

AVP for Cultural Affairs

Eugene Andojoyan

VP for Cultural Affairs

Sheena Chua

AVP for Cultural Affairs