Cultural Affairs

The Cultural Affairs Department (CUL) is the “heart” of Ateneo Celadon, and it aims to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the Chinese-Filipino culture to both members and non-members in a relevant, significant, and relatable manner.

Meet the CUL Department

Sheena Nicole Chua

Sheena Nicole Chua

Vice President for Cultural Affairs
About Sheena
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Sean Gonida

Sean Gonida

Associate Vice President for Cultural Affairs
About Sean
Sean Gonida is definitely a friendly face that you will always encounter in the Celadon org room. As the new Associate Vice-President for Cultural Affairs, Sean has proven himself dedicated and passionate as he strives to make the department a home to every Celadonean. Not a doubt, Sean will definitely achieve this vision through his hard work and good personal skills.
Heidy Guevarra

Heidy Guevarra

Associate Vice President for Cultural Affairs
About Heidy
Heidy Guevarra is always the most hyper and cheerful girl in the group. Besides having a charismatic personality, Heidy has proven herself to be relentlessly dependable in accomplishing the things she handles. With her love for Chinese-Filipino culture, she devotes herself to the Ateneo Celadon as the Associate Vice President for Cultural Affairs Department.



Teacher’s Appreciation Week (TAW)

TAW celebrates Confucius’s birthday and shares Confucian values by giving tokens to Ateneo professors as symbols of gratitude. It is also an avenue for students to know more about their professors.

Dates/s: September 18-22, 2017

Mid-Autumn Festival (MAF)

A week of decorations that will make you say “much aesthetic”, leading up to a night filled with bonding and fun, MAF celebrates the value of family through the Chinese-Filipino tradition– dice game.

Date/s: September 6, 2017

Spring Film Festival (SFF)

SFF celebrates Spring Festival by inviting the public to enjoy free Chinese movies in EDSA Shangri-La. It promotes sharing and exposes the audience to the authentic Chinese culture.

Date/s: January 24, 2018

Chinese New Year Festival (CNY)

CNY Food Festival raises awareness of Chinese-Filipino cuisine to the Ateneo community, acting as a first taste to the deeper facets of the unique culture with two days of food sharing inside Ateneo.

Date/s: February 19-20, 2018

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