Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations Department (CORREL) spearheads the marketing efforts of the organization primarily to obtain sponsorships and resources in support of its projects. It also seeks to provide an opportunity for interested members to learn its operations.


Marketing Seminar

The Marketing Seminar aims to introduce CORREL and its efforts to Celadoneans, allowing them to get a glimpse of the structure and the work of the said department.

Marketing Workshop

The Marketing Workshop aims to train Celadoneans with the art of dealing with our corporate partners through the development of their communication and marketing skills as well as their knowledge of the systems of the department.

Marketing Executives

The Marketing Executives Program aims to further enhance and improve the expertise of the members in marketing. This also prepares the members in handling their own Marketing team.

Selena So

AVP for Corporate Systems

Alexander Españo

VP for Corporate Relations

Clarissa Chua

AVP for Corporate Training