Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations Department (CORREL) spearheads the marketing efforts of the organization primarily to obtain sponsorships and resources in support of its projects. It also seeks to provide an opportunity for interested members to learn its operations.

Meet the CORREL Department

Nicole Tiu

Nicole Tiu

Associate Vice President for Corporate Strategy
About Nicole
Nicole Tiu is an enigma waiting to be deciphered. Underneath that warm and friendly exterior lies a sharp mind and a heart that beats to her ever-daring personality. As AVP for Corporate Relations, she aims to foster Celadon’s potential through efficient departmental systems, satisfied members, and sincerity. Expect the truly unexpected when you stick around with her and her “sabaw” nature.
Selena So

Selena So

Vice President for Corporate Relations
About Selena
Selena So, current Vice President of Corporate Relations, strives to make her department more integrated into the greater picture of Celadon. Always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone, she hopes that through her department’s constant support in Celadon’s projects and initiatives, the organization will be able to effectively share the Chinese-Filipino culture to others even beyond the Ateneo community.
Lance Cham

Lance Cham

Associate Vice President for Corporate Training
About Lance
For Lance Cham, CORREL has always been something that can achieve greater heights. As the AVP for Corporate Training, Lance has made it his initiative to foster an environment of growth and contentment. Through efforts in providing marketing training opportunities and overall marketing awareness in the organization, he strives to unleash the untapped potential of the department.


Marketing Seminar

Learn the life of a CORREL member, and charm your way through the hearts of Celadoneans! Exciting talks and engaging activities await!

Date: September 08, 2017

Marketing Workshops

Get down to business with Celadon CORREL’s most in-demand program! Learn the art of getting sponsors in this intensive and technical training session.

Date: October 11 & 13, 2017

Marketing Executives Program

Impress us, and we will impress you more. This exclusive invite-only program prepares the next generation of CORREL in Celadon through rigorous modules and enlightening testimonies from marketing leaders!

Date: November 10, 2017 & January 26, 2018

Elements Privilege Card

The Elements Privilege Card is the pride of Celadon CORREL. Enjoy your membership’s most esteemed benefit by grabbing yours during the First GA!

Date of Activation: September 01, 2017

Rm 313, MVP-CSL, Ateneo de Manila University Location: Katipunan Ave Quezon City, Philippines Quezon City, Philippines